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When you consult a notary, your will is entrusted to a law professional who will translate it into a legal document. In addition to the technical skills, mutual trust and listening skills come into play.

All our services revolve around the customer; In this regard, the decision to include English native speakers ready to solve any problem

Our new headquarters in Rome highlights our ambition to address the demands of our customers even more effectively by operating in an area where demand is growing

Our proximity to Fiumicino Airport guarantees the ultimate speed and efficiency in meeting all customer needs, finding a resolution within the day.

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The Notary of trust in Fiumicino and Rome

Our two offices allow us to operate on the territory with greater attention.


Via Giorgio Giorgis, 10


Via Aurelia, 477/b

Thanks to the Dropbox, it is now possible for all our customers to consult directly with us about any of their documents online at any time, in any part of the world.

The notary’s choice should be based on a trusted relationship with all parts of the act.

The notary

Assistance and Consulting

We offer assistance and advice to parties with contracts and legal deeds. We guarantee their validity-in short, this is why notaries exist in civil law. Not just that, but when you come to a notary, your will is entrusted to a legal interpreter who translates it into a legal act. On top of technical tools, we offer confidentiality and we are eager to listen.

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The Notary is constantly updating according to the needs of its costumer.

Our experts will follow you until the sign

Notaries from our office are also available anywhere in the Appeal’s Court District territory (also known as Regione Lazio’s territory) whenever clients need it.

Our offices

notary headquarters

Fiumicino (Rome airport)
Via Giorgio Giorgis 10, Fiumicino 00100 RM

Via Aurelia, 477 b, Rome – 00100 RM

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    If you have any questions, inquiries and / or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to answer as soon as possible.

    Notaio Falco: giuseppe.falco@notariato.it

    Generali: info@notaiofalco.it



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